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  • Particle count test for clean room classification as per ISO 14644-1
  • Filter Integrity test for HEPA filters using DOP / PAO challenge aerosol as per ISO 14644-3.
  • Air Velocity, Volume flow rate and Air uniformity test for supply air terminals as per ISO 14644-3.
  • Air change rate calculations.
  • Temperature Test.
  • Relative Humidity Test.
  • Dew Point Temperature Test.
  • Carbon dioxide Level Test.
  • Light Intensity (Lux) Test.
  • Sound Level (dB) Test.
  • Vibration Test for Precision Work Tables.
  • Air flow pattern studies using Titanium tetra chloride smoke or dry ice smoke.
  • Recovery test for cleanrooms.
  • Microbiological studies on aseptically sampled air samples from the controlled environment for presence of airborne pathogens.